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Turkish sauna

Features of a Turkish sauna (“Hammam”).


Maybe there is no person, who refused from fun of bath procedures. After all, they help not only to cleanse the body, relieve emotional tension, but also to have significant health benefits. But, unfortunately, the Finnish sauna or Russian bath is not suitable for everyone.


They have a number of contraindications, including heart disease, and hypertension. It is associated with higher temperatures and lower humidity in the sauna or bath. Alternative to the Finnish sauna or Russian steam bath is a Turkish sauna and a Turkish Hammam. Turkish bath is more comfortable, safe and has a healthy effect on the body.


Difference of Turkish sauna (Hammam) is a special climate with temperature from 35 to 55 degrees, and fairly high humidity up to 100%, which, strangely enough is transferred fairly easily.


The impact of the Hammam is soft and relaxing. Large surface of evaporation makes steam in the Turkish bath exclusively «easy». The main secret of the Hammam is found in warm and lightweight steam, which saturates the body with moisture, gradually opening pores and relaxing muscles, improves blood circulation, effective exchange of substances. Hammam beneficially influence on the digestive system, relieves joint and muscle pain. In all of these health characteristics of the Turkish sauna, it does not inferior to the Finnish sauna, but the thermal effect on the body occurs in a more sparing mode.


How useful is a Turkish sauna.


In the Hammam the heat emission slows down, the body temperature rises on a few degrees and as a result there is strengthening of oxidative processes and metabolism in an organism. Increasing of the transpiration, promotes the excretion of waste products, thus, facilitates the work of kidneys. Also in the Hammam, at influence of the warm steam the blood vessels and skin capillaries dilate, it helps to the elimination of stagnation. If, after the procedures of steaming in Hammam you will want to swim in the pool with cool water, or take a shower, then you must surely know about the positive effect on blood pressure and heart variable action of the heat and cold, which accompanies by the expansion and contraction of the skin’s capillaries. But people, who suffer from heart disease, atherosclerosis, aneurysm, hypertension and some other diseases, should not get involved to go to the sauna. Due to the high humidity in the Turkish sauna and the optimal temperature, skin does not dry, and, on the contrary, moistened. Beneficially this steam affects on the hair, they become more hydrated. An indispensable tool in the fight against cellulite is regular session in the Turkish sauna.