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Russian bath

Bath was related to the most important events in the Slavs life: birth, wedding, recovery after serious illness. There was a tradition: it is necessary to go to the bath before the wedding, and the day after it. Our ancestors believed that the mission of the bath procedures is not only in purification of the body, but also in the spiritual purification. There was a persistent view, if the patient did not cured by bath, nothing would not help him. According to archaeologists, the history of Russian bath is more than 1500 thousand years. Already in the 5th century East Slavs, rich, nobles and commoners, use steam rooms. Bath firmly established in folklore already when there was no even Slavic literacy. Our ancestors firmly believe in the cleansing and healing power of baths and correctly connected health with the bodily purity. Since ancient times soap was considered as the best method of overcoming illness and the evil eye. After a time, an obligatory part of the traditions of Russian hospitality was a proposal to relax in bath. Initially guest was taken to the steam room, and only then fed him and put him to sleep.


Bathing rules.


Bath provides a lot of opportunities for fun and hardening. However, it also requires an adherence to certain rules of usage of different procedures. The first indispensable and the most common rule is the requirement not to visit a bath on full or empty stomach: bath is a really body burden. It is forbidden to go to bath after consumption of alcoholic drinks. An important general requirement is the principle of gradualness. Soaring should be preceded by a kind of warm-up, which prepares the body and especially the blood vessels to enter a steam room. At first, dip your feet in a basin with warm water, and then in a basin with more and more hot water. It quickly removes the sensation of tiredness, lethargy, and in winter – the sensation of chill and brings the body in the coming procedure. Before entering the steam room, slightly rinse yourself under the shower. You should not soak your head – dry hair better protect the head from overheating. If your hair is wet or you do not have hair, wear a headdress, made of wool, flax or cotton (but not of synthetic fabrics). In the steam room you should not go up to the top shelf. Sit (or lie) at the bottom during 3-4 minutes before the emergence of the first sweat, then cool off in the dressing room for 3-4 minutes, and only then start soared by a broom. Such a change in temperature and the time exposure is needed for training of thermoregulation system and preparing the body to high and low temperatures. As a rule, the steam room is visited 2-3 times and spent 8-12 minutes there. Between entering there must be a rest for 3-5 minutes. After re-staying in the steam room you can dip into a pool with cold water, and even lie in the snow. But it is forbidden to become too cold. The influence of the bathing process will be beneficial, if you massage yourself before the last entering the steam room. Bath procedures should be completed by the washing and rubbing of the whole body.