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Mittens Kese

Mitten KESE with 100% silk thread for peeling the skin, soft, medium and hard texture, which is suitable for usage on the face and body.


It is recommended to use separate mittens for body and face. Kese is abrasive mitten, which is used to remove the outer layer of dead skin and dirt from the pores. Do not use chemicals. It is a fiber, which purifies the skin.


For rough skin it is proposed to use Kese without soap, it is quite wet mitten with water. However, if your skin is sensitive, you can use it on the foam skin. To use Kese for a long time, you should rinse it after each usage and do not leave wet.


Before using Kese, it is important to take a hot shower, wash the body with soap, rinse with warm and clean water, and use the mitten long and horizontal movements. After applying the mitten, wash skin with soap and a sponge.