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Hotel rules

1. General provisions.

1.1. These rules regulate the relationship between “HOTEL GRAPH”, and Guests, who stay at the hotel – citizens of Russian Federation, foreign citizens, legal entities, persons without citizenship, of the realization of hotel service. Hotel policy was developed in accordance with the Law of Russian Federation «On protection of consumer rights», «Rules of providing hotel services in Russian Federation», approved by Government resolution from 25.04.1997, № 490 and other legislative acts, applicable on the territory of Russian Federation.

1.2. Hotel service are those services that provides rooms (places in the rooms) for temporary staying of Russian and foreign citizens regardless of their place of registration.

1.3. Check-out time in the hotel is 12.00 A.M.

1.4. Check-in time in the hotel – 2:00 P.M. / if there are any available rooms, it is possible early check-in/

1.5. Booking office is open around the clock.


2. Provision of rooms for the temporary stay.

2.1. The administration provides the opportunity for guest to stay at the hotel in paid period of time.

2.2. Guest, who wants to extend his staying at the hotel, informs the administrator of «HOTEL GRAPH” no later than 6 hours before the end of his stay. In case the room is booked by other persons, guest may be given another room (if there are any available rooms in the hotel).

2.3. The reservation is cancelled in the absence of a warning about the delays, more than 12 hours from the check-out time.

2.4. In case of cancellation for reservation not later than 1 day before the Guest’s arrival, the sums of money received at the hotel’s Bank account as payment for accommodation and reservation, will be refunded within 30 banking days from the moment of its cancellation.

2.5. In case of cancellation of the bookings of less than one day prior to arrival, the Guest pays the cost of the room, reserved category (simple) for one night.


3. Payment for staying in the hotel.

3.1. Payment for accommodation and additional services is occurred for free, contract prices, approved by the administration of the hotel.

3.2. Payment for accommodation and services, provided by the hotel, is occurred in rubles by cash, Bank transfer or credit card.

3.3. Payment for staying in the hotel is raised every day or for all time of staying on the terms of the advance payment according to the current price list.

3.4. In the case of non-cash forms of payment, accommodation of the guest occur after the payment receipt to the banking account.

3.5. Information about the prices for rooms and additional services has the attendant administration of the hotel at the reception desk. Payment for accommodation will be charged depending on the category of the room and services, provided to the client.

3.6. During formalization of the staying, administrator gives the form of strict accountability (resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 6, 2008 no. 359), upon payment by Bank transfer – account and the certificate of the executed works.

3.7. The guest with the accommodation fills the guest questionnaire, which proves reliability of the information about him and cohesion with the rules of residence.

3.8. Payment for accommodation in the hotel will be charged in accordance with the check-out time. The check-out time is 12.00 A.M. of current days and local time. In case of a late departure fee will be charged in the following order:

- to 1:00 P.M. without additional payment;

- from 1:00 P.M. till 11:00 P.M. – payment for half of the cost of a day;

- from 11:00 P.M. – payment for full day.

When settling for the term of less than one day (24 hours) the payment is charged for a full day.

3.9. On departure the Guest must make final payments for the provided additional services.

3.10. Staying for children to 6 years (family accommodation) without a provision of a separate seat is free of charge.


4. Hotel rules in “HOTEL GRAPH”

4.1. Check-in time occurs on the basis of presenting identification documents: passport, and in case of its absence – one of the following documents: a certificate of the established form, issued to the lost of passport, military ID (for soldiers), birth certificate for children under the age of fourteen.

4.2. Foreign citizens or persons without citizenship present to the administrator passport, visa or migration card.

4.3. Accommodation with pets is considered individually.

4.4. Visitors of the guests can be in a hotel upon prior notice of the administrator until 11:00 P.M.

4.5. If a visitor is in the room after 11:00 P.M. it must be arranged accommodation in hotel with the provision of identity documents (issued as additional accommodation).

4.6. Rooms are cleaned every day. Change of linen and towels made 1 time in 3 days.

4.7. Payment for the services of the restaurant (when ordering food in the room) is made with the waiter for presented him a bill.

4.8. Order for Breakfast lunch box for early departure should be made not later than 10:00 P.M. of the previous day.

4.9. For personal safety and protection of the property, Guests should:

- close the taps of sanitary appliances, while leaving the room;

- close the window, the door in the room;

- give the room key to the administrator;

- observe the rules of fire safety.

4.10. To ensure the order and safety of guests, in the hotel is prohibited:

- creation inconveniences and disturb other residents of the hotel;

- leaving strangers in a room in your absence;

- storage of bulky items in the room, inflammable, explosive, toxic, narcotic substances and materials;

- smoking in the lobby and in the corridor of the hotel;

- usage the heater, if it is not provided in room.

4.11. When leaving the hotel, Guest must pay for additional services, indicated on the account of the Guest, pass the room to the maid or administrator, and then give the keys to the rooms. At the end of the reckoning, Guest receives the invoice for accommodation with details of provided services.

4.12. The book of comments and suggestions is kept by administrator of the hotel.

4.13. Guest takes note and does not object the usage of the closed circuit television systems (CCTV) in non-residential premises.

4.14. Strictly forbidden to take out from the restaurant tableware, cutlery, food and drinks without prior approval with the administration.

4.15. The restaurant administration has the right to refuse service when he appears in sportswear, sports or house shoes.

4.16. It is forbidden to drink an alcoholic or other beverages and food, brought with guest in public areas of the hotel: restaurant, bar, lobby of the hotel.

4.17. The administration of the hotel is not responsible for the preservation of documents, money, valuables, jewelry, left in the room and do not harvested in the individual safe deposit box, located in each room.

4.18. The hotel does not accept loud music and other noise.

4.19. It is prohibited dirtying the territory of the hotel. There are garbage urns and ashtrays. For the violation of this rule, the hotel has the right to charge the fee from the Guest.


Provision of additional free services:

- taxi;

- call of the emergency aid and use first aid kit;

- morning wake-up call (on the phone);

- booking a table in a restaurant;

- reservation of the bath services (Russian, Turkish).


5. Compensation paid

5.1. In accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation, the Guest must compensate for damages in case of loss or damage to the hotel property, and is also responsible for the violations, incurred by invited persons.

5.2. The administrator of the hotel draws up an act for damage (loss) of property. On the basis of this act, the Guest is obliged to compensate for the cost of the damage to the cash department of the hotel (to the administrator).

5.3. In case of loss of e-cards from electricity, the Guest pays a fee in the amount of 500 (five hundred) rubles.

5.4. Guests should take care of the property, equipment of the hotel, to comply with sanitary norms and public order.  

5.5. Price list for damages is kept by the administrator of the hotel.



Dear Guests! Staff and administration of the “HOTEL GRAPH” thank You for choosing our hotel for your holiday. We will make all efforts to make your time, spent here, a pleasant experience. We sincerely hope to see you among our regular Guests.


We wish you a good rest in “HOTEL GRAPH”




At non-observance or repeatedly violating the rules of staying in “HOTEL GRAPH” the administration has the right to refuse further accommodation. The citizens, who are in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, are not served.